Hotel Flamingo Chalus Apartments

The Flamingo Chalos Apartment Hotel is located by the Caspian coast. This 20-room apartment has a clean kitchen with all amenities and amenities. Other features of the Flamingo Hotel include a tranquil setting and sea and forest views

Some of our features

Super Market

Very close to supermarket, bakery and shopping center


Featuring the best restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel

beach and pavilion

50 m from the hotel. You have alcove and terrace units facing the sea

Fast service

Reception services in the fastest and shortest possible time

#آرامش در کنار دریا

هتل آپارتمان فلامینگو چالوس


مازندران - چالوس
خیابان رادیو دریا
انتهای بلوار دریا
سه راه موج

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